Repair Price List

Repair Prices Effective 6/7/2017

 Instrument  Service Complete Overhaul
 Trumpet  $50.00  $450.00
 Flugelhorn  $50.00  $450.00
 Trombone  $50.00  $450.00
 Trombone w/F  $75.00  $825.00
 Trombone Thayer Valve  $95.00  $850.00
 Double Rotor Bass T-Bone  $90.00  Price on request
 Double Rotor Bass T-Bone Thayer Valve  $115.00  Price on request
 French Horn (Single)  $80.00  Price on request
 French Horn (Double)  $100.00  Price on request
 Baritone (3 Valve)  $75.00  Price on request
 Baritone (4 Valve)  $85.00  Price on request
 Baritone (4 Valve Compensating)  $100.00  Price on request
 Tuba or Sousa (3 Valve)  $85.00  Price on request
 Tuba (4 Valve-Piston)  $110.00  Price on request
 Tuba (4 Valve-Rotary)  $135.00  Price on request

Dent removal by estimate.
Corks, Felts, Additional Work, Parts, Shipping, etc. is extra.

   Repad  Complete Overhaul
 Soprano or Alto Sax  $425.00  $825.00
 Tenor Sax  $450.00  $865.00
 Baritone Sax  $550.00  Price on Request
 Bb Clarinet  $210.00  $250.00
 Flute (Plateau)  $200.00  $250.00
 Flute (Open Hole)  $220.00  $250.00

All other woodwind prices on request.

Instruments not picked up within 30 days of notification that repairs were completed may be sold for repair charges.

Miscellaneous Services

 Silver solder keys  starting at  $25.00
 Replacing key springs         "  $15.00
 Replace flute or piccolo headjoint cork         "  $10.00
 Cork pads for oboe each         "  $10.00
 Replace Saxophone neck cork each         "  $20.00
 Replace bassoon bocal cork each         "  $15.00
 Clarinet, oboe tenon cork replacement each         "  $15.00
 Clarinet Tenon Replacement         "  $160.00
 Clarinet Receiver Replacement         "  $185.00

Todd FulginitiSeacat Music is the only place I take my horns.  Curtis does excellent repair work and is always able to finish the job in time for my next gig. 

Also, Palmer-made trumpets are outstanding instruments.  I've commissioned 2 herald trumpets and both are exceptional."  

   ~ Todd Fulginiti,

Todd Fulginiti Quartet, Bravura Brass, The Dixielanders, D.C. and Company, Holiday Horns, Freelance Trumpeter